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ODELCO Building128 Kalayaan Avenue
Central, Quezon City
1100 Philippines

Telephone Numbers:

Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rule

For over 50 years ago, De Leon Import & Export Corporation distributed the ideal slide rules acceptable for all markets in the world. Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rules were supplied to students and professionals in the Philippines by the company and today, continues to distribute modern and efficient instruments to an array of specialized fields.

After steady research for many years, Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rule Manufacturing Company finally reached to a top level of technique assuring to make the slide rules of excellent quality applicable for all purposes of calculation.

Now, we have the pleasure of recalling just a few of the important properties on Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rules.

The Merits of Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rule

Top Quality

Superb quality of Hemmi Slide Rules consisted in a standard uniformity achieved through the process of accurate machine control, especially by the precision gauge system in the practice of mass production.

Accurate Calculation

All scales were engine-divided in sharp on snow-white celluloid by special graduation machine, which ensure on easy-to-read markings and invariable accuracy in calculations.

Laminated Bamboo

Hemmi Slide Rules were constructed carefully from selected and well-seasoned laminated bamboo, which were most adequately joined together and combined in the very one rule assuring an everlasting protection against warping or swelling under varying climatical conditions.

Easy Slide Operation

Bamboo was inherited of its special nature that permits silk-smooth adjustments of the rule's slide action to suit the slightest preference.

Easy-to-Read Graduations

All scales are engine-divided in sharp, snow white celluloid by special graduation machine, which ensure an easy-to-read markings and invariable accuracy in calculations.

The Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rules are built to perform in different Engineering studies.

Click on the slide rule and see a larger image of it along with information on its application, scales, accessories and instruction manual.


The No. 32 slide rule is the smallest pocket size rule with a semicylindrical lense. Quite popular for its magnifier, enlarging the scales twice as much for easy reading.

No. 34

The No. 34 RK "MANNHEIM" slide rule is only 5" in length and is applied for general engineering.

No. 149A

The No. 149A is a specially designed, compact slide rule equipped with a variety of different scales for convenient use by engineers.

No. 250

Capable of exponential computations, No. 251 is made for Mechanical Engineering.

No. 251

Capable of exponential computations, No. 251 is made for Mechanical Engineering.

No. 255

No. 255 is a Duplex Type slide rule built for Electrical Engineering.

No. 257

No. 257 is designed for quick solution of various calculations in chemical engineering.

No. 259

No. 259 D is a 25cm Duplex Type slide rule specially designed and arranged for efficient use be experienced engineers.

No. 260

In addition to all the special features of No. 259 D, the No. 260 slide rule is also equipped with the P scale to facilitate the determination of cos? and other calculations by merely setting the indicator.

No. P261

Duplex bamboo body rule, 2 part hardboard case or leather case, with full manual. White celluloid scales, adjustable end braces. Has full log log scales and a P (Pythagorean) scale, plus DI. Scales are self-documenting on the right hand side of the rule face. Folded scales (DF, CF, CIF) at pi.