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Electrical Installations Applied to Heating mod. I/EV

This system has been designed to enable the students toassemble, analyze and test a large range of electrical circuits of different complexity. It uses a set of interchangeable modules reproducing the symbols of the mounted electrical components, so that different circuits can be assembled by interconnecting the modules with the flexible wires supplied with the system. The modules are made with insulating material and provide the support of the components necessary for the implementation of the experiment program. They include the graphic representation and electrical symbols of the components, the connection can be easily obtained by using standard terminals (Ø 4 mm) with high protection against accidental contacts.

The set of modules for electrical installations applied to heating has been designed to assemble, analyze and test electrical installations applied to heating systems. The modules can be inserted into bench mod. 398/EV in order to develop the training program. In alternative the experimental module-holder frame mod. TSI/EV can be used to power the set with the power supply unit mod. UAT/EV (offered separately).


Electrical installation for the control of the ambient temperature via thermostat and circulation pump
Electrical installation for the control of ambient temperature of two zones via thermostat and two circulation pumps
Electrical installation for the control of the ambient temperature of two zones with a circulation pump, a reserve pump and two distribution valves controlled by thermostats
Installation for the control of ambient temperature by regulating the delivery flow of the mixing valve, electronic control board and temperature probes
Installation for the control of temperature of heating panel with ambient proportional thermostat, 3-way directional valve and thermostat for the max. temperature of water