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The Student-Trainer® has absolutely been the first educational “mean” for the students ever created by Elettronica Veneta. It was an extraordinary success, as it satisfies the need of individual training and outplacement, i.e. the reconversion and up dating to the new technologies. It is a modular educational system which enables the theoretical-experimental learning of the whole Electronics (CAT. 20-A) and Telecommunications (CAT. 21-A), from elementary notions to the application of the most evolute and sophisticated technologies, besides it is a versatile product which can be configured in a modular kind and has been continuously up-dated from its first version. In this chapter, we introduce the last technologically up-to-date version applied to the program of Telecommunications, which includes: analog communications, digital communications,frequency synthesis techniques, Audio-Video systems, fixedtelephony and optical fibers.

The Student-Trainer® consists of:

Experiment modules

On the front panel, the modules show the electrical diagram, the block diagram and the test points of the circuit under test. The components are mounted on the rear section. A transparent cover protects them from accidental damage and leaves the circuit and the devices visible. The modules are supplied with cables to be connected during the exercises and the accessories to develop the exercises. Besides, these are used for the experimental exercises included in the Multimedia Educational Software for Telecommunications cod. T-Win which, organized by lessons, contains texts, graphics, images, simulations and learning tests.

Theoretical-experimental handbooks Each module or group of modules is provided with comprehensive supporting handbooks, which include:

A section describing the subject and the device or circuit under test

A set of experiments with detailed instructions, which simplifies understanding and learning of the theoretical aspects, and which enables the students to become familiar with measurements, regulations and calibrations relative to electronic circuits