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ODELCO Building128 Kalayaan Avenue
Central, Quezon City
1100 Philippines

Telephone Numbers:

Current Meters

Current Meters and Open Channel Meters have been a speciality of Valeport's since the company was first formed in 1969. The company started making instruments for measuring the speed of the water in London's River Thames, since then our product range has grown, but our expertise in current flow measurement remains. Whichever type of instrument your require, whether it's the traditional impeller mechanism, or the high accuracy electromagnetic type, Valeport can offer a solution. Configurations are available that are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, from hand held measurements in the smallest streams, through modelling experiments in the laboratory, to self-contained instruments for navigable rivers, estuaries, ROVs and the deep ocean.


Model 106 Lightweight Current Meter

A low cost, lightweight alternative to larger flow meters, ideal for use in applications where the superior durability and depth rating of Valeport's larger meters is not necessary. Utilising the standard Valeport 125mm diameter impeller, the Model 106 features speed and direction parameters as standard, with further options of temperature and...

Model 803 ROV Electromagnetic Current Meter

The Model 803 is designed specifically for use on ROVs and other underwater vehicles, providing real time relative water velocity information for pilots. It may be fitted to ROVs to provide actual through the water speeds, or fitted to Tether Management Systems to give measurement of local flow conditions. Measurements are updated every second and...

Model 001 & 002 Open Channel Flow Meters

The Valeport ‘Braystoke’ Model 001 and Model 002 flow meters provide a cost effective and reliable method of monitoring flow in a variety of environments, including salt, fresh and effluent water, from shallow streams to tidal waterways. The meters benefit from the design of the impeller bearings, which give low threshold velocity and...

Model 108 MkIII Direct Reading Current Meter

The Model 108 MkIII is the third generation of the successful Valeport 108 direct reading current meter, and has been developed to meet the needs of oceanographers, hydrographers and surveyors. Speed and Direction sensors are fitted as standard, with optional Conductivity, Temperature and Depth sensors. Full control and set up of the 108 MkIII and...

Model 308 Self Recordring Current Meter

The Model 308 has been developed using proven industry standard sensors to meet the needs of oceanographers, hydrographers and surveyors who require an accurate current meter with flexibility of configuration and large memory capacity, which can output data directly to a PC and can be used in both self recording and direct reading modes with a...

Model 802 2 Axis Electromagnetic Current Meter

The Model 802 is the very latest in Valeport's electromagnetic flow sensing technology, developed over many years from the original IOS design. State of the art electronics design ensures low power operation, yet maintaining low noise and high stability. A range of sensor heads and electronics packages mean that the Model 802 can be used in a wide...

MIDAS ECM Self Recording Electromagnetic Current Meter

The MIDAS ECM is a highly versatile point current meter, designed with durability and ease of deployment in mind. Valeport’s latest electronics architecture allows multiple additional sensors, and a variety of communications options, making it one of the few multiparameter current meters that allows real time operations over several thousand...

Model 801 Electromagnetic Open Channel Flow Meter

This small solid-state sensor has been designed specifically for use in open channels where fouling by weed or sewage can be a problem. Valeport's experience in electromagnetic technology has ensured that the Model 801 is a high precision instrument which can be relied upon to give accurate readings (±0.5% of reading plus zero stability) over a...