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ODELCO Building128 Kalayaan Avenue
Central, Quezon City
1100 Philippines

Telephone Numbers:

Sound Velocity

Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers from Valeport, the world leaders in Sound Velocity technology %u2013 a position achieved by both innovative development and meticulous attention to detail throughout the design, manufacture and especially calibration processes. Having been established at the forefront of this field nearly a decade ago with Digital Time of Flight technology, Valeport have now made a series of incremental changes to reinforce that position, ensuring that Valeport SV sensors offer levels of performance that are demonstrably far in excess of even the latest offerings from our competitors.


MIDAS Sound Velocity Profiler

The MIDAS SVP is the new name for Valeport's renowned Model 650 Mk2 Sound Velocity Profiler, and it gives the most accurate Sound Velocity Profiles currently possible. As well as using the world leading digital time of flight sound speed sensor, this instrument also has a ±0.01% pressure sensor, and features Valeport's synchronised sampling...

MIDAS SVX2 Combined CTD/SVP (xx)

The MIDAS SVX2 is the latest version of Valeport's unique instrument. Recognising the conflict faced by users requiring the superior Sound Velocity data from an SVP, but still needing the Salinity and Density data from a CTD, the MIDAS SVX2 combines both technologies to give the best of both worlds. Now fitted with a 0.01% pressure sensor as...

MiniSVP Sound Velocity Profiler

The miniSVP is a new budget Sound Velocity Profiler, designed to make the best SV measurements in the world available to everyone. Featuring Valeport's unique acclaimed "time of flight" SV sensor, the miniSVP is available in either 500m rated acetal or 6000m rated titanium versions. A single C cell and large Flash memory allow hundreds of profiles...

MiniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors

The miniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors use state of the art digital "time of flight" technology to provide the lowest noise, highest accuracy, best resolution sound velocity data available. Small size and a choice of sensor lengths down to just 25mm make the sensor suitable for a variety of applications, and the optional pressure or temperature sensor...

Monitor SVP Sound Velocity Profiler

The Monitor SVP has been developed from Valeport's world leading Midas SVP, utilising the exceptional digital time of flight sound velocity sensor and synchronised sampling technique, but packaged as a smaller, lightweight unit to suit small boat or shallow water applications.


Valeport “Time of Flight” sound velocity technology is available in a number of standard instrument packages, which we believe cater for the majority of applications requiring the ultimate in SV measurement. However, our in-house design and manufacture capability means that we are able to provide customized versions of this technology to suit...

Rapid SV

The Valeport rapidSV profiler has been developed for the fast collection of Sound Velocity Profiles, without compromising the quality of the data. The world’s most accurate Sound Velocity sensor with virtually instantaneous response time, data acquisition rates of up to 32Hz housed in a low drag housing result in the highest quality profiles at...

Soundbar 2 Digital Bar Checker

The SoundBar 2 Digital Bar Checker offers a convenient, quick and safe method of obtaining sound velocity data for calibration of echosounders and other acoustic devices. Developed from the acclaimed miniSVS sound velocity sensor, the SoundBar 2 uses a digital time of flight technique that gives the most accurate sound velcoity data in the world....

Thru-Hull SVS

A specific configuration of Valeport’s MODUS SVS sound velocity sensor, allowing the probe to be deployed through the vessel’s hull and safely recovered for cleaning and maintenance without requiring docking. It is particularly useful for multibeam applications where knowledge of the sound velocity adjacent to the multibeam transducer is...