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ODELCO Building128 Kalayaan Avenue
Central, Quezon City
1100 Philippines

Telephone Numbers:

Automation Technologies


Software for Pneumatic-Electropneumatic Hydraulic-Electrohydraulic Simulation mod. SW-CAI/EV

The software mod. SW-CAI/EV is the perfect educational tool for the Teacher to develop his introductory lessons and laboratory practical exercises.

Interface Card mod. C-IO/EV

The interface board mod. C-IO/EV is a very useful tool to improve the electropneumatics/electrohydraulics Laboratory exercises.

Proportional Pneumatic Experimentation Kit mod. KMPP/EV

The experimental kit of Proportional Pneumatic mod. KMPP/EV is indispensable equipment for the training of the technicians working in automation industries’ department. The trainer mod. KMPP/EV enables the development of a solid experimentation and a high content of knowledge, on the open l and closed loop systems with PID...

System for the Study of Sensors mod. PSX/EV

The trainer mod. PSX/EV allows developing experiences on the positioning of the sensors relative to the object to be detected, e.g. distance from the object, detection of the material type (plastic, metal) or interruption of optical barriers.

Educational Case with Logic Module mod. API-1/EV

The educational case with logic module mod. API-1/EV is the necessary tool for the training of engineers working in industry in the fields of both maintenance and design of systems. The trainer mod. API-1/EV is wholly assembled with industrial components, thus enabling to carry out solid tests with high content of knowledge on the programming...

Programmable Industrial Automation Trainer mod. API-3/EV

The Trainer mod. API-3/EV is the necessary help for training engineers in the industrial field, either for servicing and design of industrial systems. The Trainer mod. API-3/EV has been assembled with industrial components, therefore it enables to carry out an excellent testing on the programming of programmable industrial automatons (API is...

PLC Trainer with Software mod. API-4/EV

The trainer mod. API-4/EV is a necessary instrument for top level training of technicians working for the modern industry of processes. Completely manufactured with industrial components, the trainer mod. API-4/EV enables the development of a solid set of experiments with a high stock of knowledge on PLC programming and the solution to the...

PLC Trainer with Software mod. PLC-9/EV

Inside the laboratory for automation technologies, the trainer mod. PLC-9/EV, is the necessary instruments for the training of students and technicians both at equipment maintenance level and design. The PLC on board of trainer mod. PLC-9/EV is one of the most powerful and widespread in industrial field.

Simulation and I/O Interfacing Unit mod. PLC-9-IO/EV

The simulation and I/O interfacing unit mod. PLC-9-IO/EV interfaces to the digital/analog inputs/outputs of the PLC trainer mod. PLC-9/EV, enabling the student to carry out the following operations: • Digital and analog input/output simulation • Connection to all PLC applications of the automation catalogue no. 26.

Material Pieces Recognition and Distribution Module mod. MCS-500/EV

The distribution module mod. MCS-500/EV allows the pieces distribution and the material recognition. The pieces are taken from a store and lead to the following working stages. The pieces are cylindrically shaped and are made of different material and color.

Pieces Distribution Module mod. MCS-505/EV

The distribution module mod. MCS-505/EV allows the distribution of pieces from a store to the subsequent working stations. The cylindrical pieces of different material fall down by gravity on a special support base. A cylinder expels them from the store to an appropriate work area. The presence of the piece in this area is detected by a...

Rotary Manipulator Module mod. MCS-510/EV

The module mod. MCS-510/EV carries out the pieces transportation from a station to another one. It is constituted by a rotary pneumatic cylinder adjustable inside an 180° angle. The pieces transportation is performed by a vacuum suction cap system controlled by an electrovalve.

Pieces Thickness Measurement Module mod. MCS-520/EV

The measurement module mod. MCS-520/EV allows to discriminate the pieces depending on their thickness. The measurement is carried out by a sensor whose output voltage is an analog signal between 0-10V. The piece is lead up by a trolley and pushed against the sensor in order to determine the thickness. The result of the test is then applied...

Linear Store Module mod. MCS-530/EV

The module mod. MCS-530/EV enables to store pieces according to the type of material of their composition. Pieces are conveyed by a carriage shifting linearly along an axis and stopping to fill the chutes according to the tests carried out in the previous stations. A cylinder will throw the piece from the carriage into the assigned chute. The...

Pieces Control Module mod. MCS-570/EV

The Pieces Control Module mod. MCS-570/EV includes a rotary table where the pieces to be examined are placed. A set of three sensors: capacitive, inductive and optical determines the presence and the material type of the piece. The positions of the rotary table are controlled by a proximity sensor, while the rotation is managed by a little DC...

Electric Pick & Place Module mod. MCS-580/EV

The module mod. MCS-580/EV performs the pieces transportation from one station to another one. The movement is carried out with a rotary arm with a suction cap. Three micro-switch detect the correct position for the pieces loading / unloading, while a sensor placed on a cylinder, controls the limit switches during the high / low...

Pneumatic Arm Module mod. MCS-590/EV

The Pneumatic Arm Module mod. MCS-590/EV fulfils the pieces transportation from one station to another. It is constituted by a manipulator with a double effect cylinder for the high/low movement, a rotating cylinder for the piece transportation from one position to another and a pneumatic gripper for picking up the piece. The movements of...

Drilling Station Module mod. MCS-600/EV

The module mod. MCS-600/EV is a piece drilling station. It is constituted by a column mini drill where the high/low movement is carried out by a pneumatic skid to which the drill is hooked. The piece to be drilled is put on a base moved by a piston. During the piece reception phase, the base is pushed outside, while during the drilling phase...

Rotative Store Module mod. MCS-610/EV

The module mod. MCS-610/EV allows to store the pieces in three different positions. The pieces movement is carried out by a rotative system with a suction cap. The pieces are then moved among the three preset transparent cylinders for unloading. Four microswitches set the right position for the pieces loading/unloading, while a sensor on...

Cartesian Control Store Module mod. MCS-620/EV

The module mod. MCS-620/EV allows to store the pieces according with the material they are made of. The movement is carried out through a three axes Cartesian controlled system and allows to pick up or put down the pieces on three different levels. The store presents twelve positions, four for each level. A sensor positioned on the gripper...

Conveyor Module mod. MCS-700/EV

The module mod. MCS-700/EV has been designed to enable the linear pieces transportation along one axis, in the two directions. The conveyor is driven by a bi-directionaI dc motor, controlled by a reversing contactor that provides the movement of the belt. A fiber optical sensor allows detecting the piece presence on the belt.

Robot Module mod. MCS-710/EV

The robot module mod. MCS-710/EV is used to transport pieces in a circular area. It includes a cylinder for up/down movements, another cylinder for the forward/backward movements, a suction cup for holding the piece, and a motor with encoder coupled to a reducer for the operations of rotation. The robot's movements are clearly identified by...

Module for Testing and Selecting Pieces mod. MCS-720/EV

The module mod. MCS-720/EV is used to test and select pieces and it has been designed to work with the module of conveyor belt mod. MCS-700/EV.

Weighting Module mod. MCS-730/EV

The module mod. MCS-730/EV is used to weigh pieces. The sensor included in this equipment enables to carry out measurements on objects of variable weight (from 0.1 to 1 kg) gener

Module for Storing Prismatic Pieces mod. MCS-740/EV

The module mod. MCS-740/EV is used to distribute prismatic pieces. It has been designed to work with the module of conveyor belt mod. MCS-700/EV. Pieces are expelled by a double-acting cylinder controlled by a 5/2-way solenoid valve. The presence of pieces in the column is detected by a microswitch sensor, whereas the position of the...

Box for the Tools and Pieces to be Worked mod. ATZ/EV

Air Regulation Set mod. SRA/EV

The air regulation set mod. SRA/EV includes a filter and of a pressure regulator with manometer. The regulated pressure range spans from 0.5 to 7 bar. A 3/2 valve in series with the filter enables the pneumatical power supply.

Pushbutton Panel mod. PULS/EV

The pushbutton panel for the control of stations mod. PULS/EV is linked directly to the PLC mod. PLC9/EV through a parallel cable and a 25 terminals D sub plug or can be connected through 16 safety terminals Ø=2mm and Ø=4mm to the others PLC’s trainer mod. API-1/EV, mod. API-3/EV, mod. API-4/EV, mod. PLC-5A/EV,mod. PLC-7/EV, mod....

Automated Centre Managed by PLC for Pieces Identification and Selection mod. MCS-A/EV

Automated Line Managed by PLS for Pieces Acknowledgement Operations Thickness Measurement and Storage mod. MCS-B/EV

Management System of a Multilevel Store with Piece Acknowledgement Station on Rotating Table Working in Closed Ring Mode mod. MCS-C/EV

Multistation Automatic Line for Test Operations and Working on Product Samples mod. MCS-D/EV

Automatic Line with Multilevel Store for the Working of Product Samples mod. MCS-E/EV

Automated Weighting and Selection System with Pneumatic Robot mod. MCS-F/EV

Closed Loop Management System of a Multilevel Store with Piece Testing Station on Rotating Desk and Conveyor Working mod. MCS-G/EV

Process Control Multivariable System mod. FLT/EV

The system mod. FLT/EV has been developed to cover the following educational subjects included in an intense theoreticalpractical training program, as follows: • Study of the sensors and relative signal conditioners circuits for the process variables: Flow, Level and Temperature. • Study of the closed ring process control techniques. •...

Assembly Unit with Anthropomorphic Robot mod. RV/EV

The assembling unit with anthropomorphic robot mod. RV/EV provides the development of storage and manipulation operations. The anthropomorphic robot has relevant speed, accuracy and flexibility characteristics; it has been designed to satisfy the requests of teaching, research and the most different laboratory applications guaranteeing the...

Assembly Unit with Anthropomorphic Robot, Lathe and Machining Center mod. RV2/EV

The assembly unit mod. RV2/EV is designed for learning and practice on notions concerning the flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) present in the manufacturing production. It is composed of: • A 6-axis anthropomorphic robot • An automated lathe mod. TCN-100-A/EV • A machining center mod. MC-300-A/EV • A column control console with...

Distillation Column Simulator mod. DCS/EV

This unit consists of a column of transparent plastic material equipped with two sieve trays and of a bubble cap tray. The upper sieve tray will distribute gas and liquid onto the bubble cap tray installed below. Three pressure taps along the column supply the pressure drops to the bubble cap tray and to the lower sieve tray. The unit also...