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ODELCO Building128 Kalayaan Avenue
Central, Quezon City
1100 Philippines

Telephone Numbers:

Renewable Energies


Fuel Cells mod. FCBA/EV

It represents an application of the low power fuel cell in the field of electrical power production for general use and of thermal one for thermoconvector heating of the ambients.

Production and Use of Hydrogen mod. FCP/EV

The hydrogen production via electrolysis is a process requiring electrical energy. In order to provide an ecologically cleaned and economically advantageous system, such energy must be provided by renewable energy available at low costs. In this mini plant, the electrical energy necessary to the production of hydrogen and to the operation of...

Hydrogen Generator mod. HG/EV

The hydrogen production by electrolysis is introduced and studied with this device that can produce pure hydrogen for feeding of a PEM-type fuel cell.

Photovoltaic Panel mod. PM/EV

The photovoltaic system enables the transformation of solar into electrical energy via the use of monocrystal silicon photovoltaic cells. A set of modules, electrically connected between them, create the photovoltaic field that, together with other mechanical electrical and electronic components enables to create the photovoltaic systems. The...

Wind Power Generator mod. WG/EV

It represents the typical configuration of a wind power generator with horizontal axis, used to convert the wind kinetic energy directly into mechanical energy.

Mini Hydroelectrical Station mod. WPP/EV

It represents the use of a Pelton-type hydraulic turbine, in the field of electrical energy production in mini plants served by small water courses. Properly manufactured, the unit shows all aspects of an hydroelectrical plant.

Solar Concentrator mod. SSC/EV

The solar concentration system with cylindrical-parabolic concentrator, is used to maximize the power that can be obtained from solar radiation. The concentration of the solar rays on vacuum heat tubes, represents the most effective system to rise the temperature of a thermo carrier fluid employed for hot or overheated water production.

Study of Solar Panels mod. SSI/EV

It is an example of integrated use of energy for the combined production of heating and hot water for domestic use.

Plant for Biogas Production mod. BGPA/EV

Anaerobic digestion is the biochemical conversion process occurring in lack of oxygen and consisting in the demolition, made by microrganisms, of complex organic substances (lipids, protides, glucides) contained in the vegetables and in byproducts of animal origin. The obtained biogas, consisting in the 50-70% of methane and for the rest of...

Absorption Refrigerator mod. TAR-1/EV

The “absorption cycle” represents an alternative to the compression cycle, and is used when heat is available that cannot be used otherwise as power source or when it is too expensive to obtain electromechanical power in loco.