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A world leader, in providing geophysical and geo technology solutions – Guideline Geo prides itself in offering pioneering sensors and software necessary to provide the perfect subsurface visualization.

Guideline Geo houses MALA – a world leader in Ground Penetrating Radar solutions whos history of high tech innovation date back to the 1930’s. Today, MALA’s technology continues to allow professionals to effectively and efficiently understand the subsurface.

OYO Corporation is a company dedicated to using their vast expertise and experience in earth sciences such as geology, geophysics, soil mechanics, civil engineering, hydrogeoloigy, environmental engineering to help mitigate natural disasters and their effects on society.

Another worldwide leader in the field of geophysics, IRIS Instruments continues to innovate by bridging the gap between the digital world and the geophysical world by providing professionals in the fields of geophysics and other earth related sciences unmatched equipment used to effectively measure, process, and interpret data.

A leading manufacturer from the UK, Aquaread provides a wide range of precision scientific water testing equipment. Their specialty lies in the manufacturing of intuitive and highly precise multi-parameter water testing equipment and water level and temperature loggers. These robust instruments are suitable for applications involving the testing of groundwater, surface water, and waste water in the harshest of environmental conditions.

A global company known for designing and manufacturing instruments for geological and geophysical prospecting and investigation, Geodevice has constantly shown remarkable commitment to the distribution of their wide range of equipment. Dedicated to ensuring that their products are of the highest quality, the Geodevice specialists participate in various seminars and conferences and work closely with the Institute of Earth Science and Physical faculty of Saint Petersburg State University in Russia.