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OYO Corporation is a company of experts who has wide profound expertise and abundant experience relating to overall earth science, such as geology, geophysics, soil mechanics, civil engineering, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, biology, etc. OYO develops and delivers Japanese geo-investigation technology to the world and are continuously producing measuring instruments for the ground. Their product ranges from seismographs, resistivity meter, soil testing instruments to water quality/level measurement.

McOHM Profiler-8i

Capable of faster on-site measurements, OYO’s McOHM Profiler-8i is equipped with an 8-component receiver circuit, an energizing circuit, and a tablet PC-based controller with high visibility and touch panel function. Features include support for IP measurement and decay curve plotting function. Combined with Scanner-32 (sold separately), the McOHM Profiler-8i can support up to 192 electrodes.

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A data acquisition instrument for microtremor array measurement and vibration monitoring. It is an all-in-one device in which a high-performance accelerometer containing 1 component or 3 components, a precise global positioning system (GPS) and a battery is incorporated. It can be used for microtremor measurement for obtaining the natural frequency, vibration property of the ground, and vibration property of a structural object.

Microtremor array survey can be performed by assembling a triangular array using 4 or 7 units. The precise GPS in each instrument makes it possible to synchronize all recordings easily. In addition, software ”SeisImager/MT NEO” is available for analyzing phase velocity to produce the 1D S-wave velocity structure of the ground. Optional wireless LAN communication function is also available.

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A 24-channel seismic survey instrument designed for high-accuracy “surface wave survey” and “refraction seismic survey” which can be used for a wide variety of applications. Through the analysis of its data, the 2D S-wave velocity structure of the ground can be obtained easily. Also, the N-value structure of the ground can be estimated by using data of Swedish sounding test, standard penetration test and so on.

It is possible to carry out works ranging from measurement to data analysis effectively on-site with a laptop PC used as a control unit.

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