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Since 1956 PASI manufactures in Italy geophysical instruments designed for NSG applications. The first PASI resistivity meters were developed in India in the 1940s at the Calcutta laboratory of the Indian Geophysical Survey and this is where applied geophysics made its first steps thanks to the talents of an Italian technical engineer, Angelo Del Carlo, a real pioneer of modern electronics. Since then, PASI has continued to work hard in this direction: PASI instruments sold worldwide are themselves the best advertising a manufacturer could wish for: satisfied customers are our best calling card, especially when they become a source of inspiration for continuous improvement.


An affordable solution for your seismograph needs, the compact and robust GEA24 system is your go-to for a wide array of professional seismic applications, such as refraction, shallow reflection, surface wave inversion methods (MASW, ReMi, Vs30, MAAM, ESAC, among others), horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio, and cross-hole and downhole seismic tests. GEA24 is a compact-sized 24 channel seismograph (can be serialized for a total of 48 channels) with a 24-bit data acquisition board and USB interface for external PC (not included in the standard supply). Connected to your PC laptop or tablet, GEA24 becomes a seismic tool that is simple to use but with top-level performance. An external 12V battery (heavy and bulky) no longer needed: GEA24 consumes very little and is powered directly from the PC, guaranteeing a long day of work on-site. It can acquire data using geophones with any resonance frequency. To get 48 simultaneous channels, just connect two GEA24s to the same PC, perhaps using the Radiotrigger accessory and using a land streamer or a hydrophone chain. Versatility is what makes this our best selling product.

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